I did it… I DID IT!

I joined a gym. I’m super excited because the classes are great and the price is RIGHT. My cousin works at the gym, so I got a family discount. It’s less than I spend at Starbucks A WEEK for the entire month’s membership. HELLO!! I’m giddy!

The last gym I joined (2 years ago) had a pool and that was the main reason why I joined. Then my hairdresser told me my hair would turn green if I kept swimming without a cap and well… there went that idea.

This gym is all about classes. I took Yogalatis this morning with my cousins. LOVED IT! A few of my friends are also members of this gym – so I will have a lot of support.

I already made plans to go to a class tomorrow afternoon! It really helps if you have a support system. The more people you know – the more people you have to PUSH YOU.

I hope this sticks.

Best part about this gym – month to month membership!!! That is like MAGIC. So, if after three months I fall off the horse… I don’t have to pay for the rest of the year.  Not that I plan on falling off the horse – by the way. It’s just that life happens and I’m a realist. This was a big sell for me.

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