Isn’t it funny how a scent can take you back in time? When I was in college, I used to wear Clinique Happy and last week I was flooded with memories the moment I sprayed it on my body.

I saw Albany as clear as if I was still living there. The nail salon I used to go to, the mall, my old job – everything just rushed back into memory. I made Bill smell me and he said he remembered it as well.

Complete Happiness is the name of a new kit that Clinique is offering for the holidays. Retailing for $37, this set features 5 of Clinique’s most sought after fragrances.

  • Happy Spray
  • Happy Heart Spray
  • Happy In Bloom Spray
  • Happy Hint of Citrus Spray
  • Happy Wealth of Flowers Spray

Each come in .24 oz bottles and I think this would make an excellent holiday gift for any woman on your list.

* company sent sample for review

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