You know how it is. Your kids want everything you have. Well, sometimes mommy doesn’t want to share! LOL – It’s been a constant battle between the four of us for my iPad… but now the kids are no longer an issue. They’ve fallen in love with the Vtech – InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet. If you are looking for a tech gift for young kids – this is it!


Out of the box, InnoTab comes with a full suite of pre-loaded apps including an interactive, animated e-book, motion games, creative activities, music player, photo viewer, video player and more! It’s the perfect tablet for kids.

Natalie’s favorite thing to do is draw!


But like I said, this puppy comes with so much more – PRE INSTALLED.


Another favorite is this coloring suite. They choose a coloring page and get creative.



The Vtech – InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet also comes with a few games – like this one. Your child will have to use logic to move the ice cubes around to create a path for the penguin to take to get to some food. A great brain teaser.


And there is an e-reader as well. A book comes with it at purchase but you have the option of downloading more on the VTech site.

Want a preview of what the InnoTab can do, check out this video on InnoTab E-Books.

The Vtech – InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet retails online for $79.99.

* company sent sample for review

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