Do you have Star Wars fans in your house?? Well, I have a crafty holiday present for you to consider. Make your own Star Wars animated signs that light up like Neon. You have to make the sound effects though. 🙂


My husband had the kids test out the toy. Basically, you have to insert the picture template, snap in the pegs, and thread the Meon wire. Then animate!! The kids got a kick out of seeing their work in action. You can build fully animated signs featuring your favorite characters or create your own designs.


Here’s Liam punching the holes for the pegs.


Natalie wrapped the neon wire around his decoration. Really cute stuff!

Here’s what you get with the Meon Star Wars:

  • 15-inch frame
  • 11 feet of Meon Wire
  • 6 picture templates
  • 45 pegs

The Meon Star Wars – Interactive Animation Studio retails online for $20.99


* BJs supplied this toy for review

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