I know a lot of people that bought the XBOX 360 over the weekend. The deals were undeniable… but now they have to start buying games and those can be so pricy! Luckily, Amazon is throwing one amazing sale after the next. Here are some titles that are available today only at a significant discount.

Duke Nukem Forever – $9 (67% off)

Dead Rising 2 for XBox 360- $18 (53% off)

Dead Rising 2 – for PS3 $18 (53% off)

Super Street Fighter IV for XBOX 360- $15 (21% off)

Click here for all games that are included in this one day sale for the XBOX 360 and DS.

There are also deals on downloadable games for your PC.

Disney Gamer bundle [Download for Computer] – $23 (70% off)


1. ATV Pure
2. Split Second
3. Tron Evolution

Disney Kids and Family pack [Download for Computer] – $44 (70% off)


1. Cars 2
2. Disney Universe
3. G-Force
4. Lego Pirates
5. Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End
6. Toy Story 3

If you want any of the games alone, they are also included in the one day sale. You can see the individual prices here.

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