So, last night was the last day of the month which meant that I had to clean out my coupon binder. Basically, a ton of coupons expire and you have to weed them all out to make way for new ones. I buy 4 newspapers a week… so it’s a lot of work and beginning to consuming too much of my time. Meaning – I can’t do it alone anymore.

While I cut out all my last minute prints from the afternoon, I had Bill go through all my folders and pull all expired coupons.

He huffed and puffed for a while… but then started to make fun of me by singing this coupon rap song. I won’t pain you with the lyrics. 🙂 But we did have a few good laughs. All the flipping video cameras I own are BROKEN (don’t ask) , so I couldn’t video him in secret. I wish I did because it was hysterical.

Anyway, it took about an hour and I pretty much got made fun of the entire time… BUT IT’S NOW DONE!

Here’s to December 1st!  And here’s to having a true partner.

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