Still loving the gym. Gone 4x this week and am happy with my commitment level. It’s easy when you have friends and family laughing besides you. I took yesterday off because I was in the city all day working with Pediasure. By the time I got home with traffic, I was spent. So, I barely made it into my pajamas and then passed out.

Today, I headed in for a 9:30 class. Boot Camp.

Yes, you heard me. A boot camp class. Who the hell do I think I am?

Anyway, I get into the class and at first it’s ok. The warmup part…. 😉 Well, 30 minutes in I can hardly breath and I go to sit down because I was THIS CLOSE to passing out. The instructor runs over to me and tells me to stand up – head above my knees because it’s better for circulation. I catch my breath, drink a ton of water and finish the class.

I am the least in-shape person there. There are many other women in the class heavier than me – but it’s not about weight when it comes to cardio. It’s how FIT you are and I am…. just…. not.

But I’m not upset about it. At least I’m doing something – right?

But holy hell this is hard.

Anyway, I met my friend for lunch after a quick shower at my favorite Japanese spot and I felt really happy with myself. It’s the first time in my life where I am actually taking control of this issue. My legs were shaking. It was hard to move my shoulder around… but it’s good pain. So, I’m excited.

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