If I don’t get my son some cars this Christmas… I don’t know what I am going to do. Every single time someone asks Liam what he wants this year, he responds CARS. He is obsessed with things with wheels. And I have YET to buy him any!!!

UGH – I bought DS games out the WA-ZOO. But no cars! My friend just dropped her daughter off to school and sent me this pic. Thanks for the reminder because this NEEDS to happen!!


This weekend was “Breakfast with Santa”. The kids had a blast!! Unfortunately, we didn’t have any dark pants that fit Liam (because I haven’t bought them anything all season… ugh) and he ended up wearing baby blue! LOL.

The kids got to meet Santa (for the first of MANY times this holiday season).

And I got to see some of my friends. Why am I so tall in this shot?? That’s so strange… those heels are the lowest ones I own.

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