Here’s the thing with polka dots – the look can be easily overdone and that’s why I try to stay away from it as much as possible. However, this morning, I stumbled on some pretty cute dresses.  Pair either of the below with black shoes and a colorful bag and you will be good to go!

Coffee spot and bead dress $49 –

Emily And Fin Betty Navy Dress $110 –

Cream leaf print dress $57 –

Kaliko Polka Dot Prom Dress, Navy $190  –

(If I’m being honest about this one – I’m not LOVING that sash. Might replace it with a thin belt instead.)

Mocha polka dot ruffle dress $57 –

Mikaela High Neck Blouson Dress With Belt $330 –

Halston Heritage Polka dot pleated chiffon dress $710  –

(I know this one is SUPER PRICY – but it’s more about understanding the look than it is purchasing the exact piece. I’m drawn to this piece. If only it wasn’t $700!!!!)

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