I travel A LOT. For work and for fun, I feel like I am constantly on the move, so I have to have packing down to a science, and I wanted to share with you my favorite travel tip that has made my life so much easier.

It’s very simple: when it comes to toiletries, I have everything in duplicate. Two moisturizers, two deodorants, two toothbrushes, two toners, two hair towels, even two blow dryers and flat irons. When it comes to toiletries, I am always seeing double.

Having a “home” set and “travel” set of everything means that I can pack my suitcase the night before an early morning flight, zip it shut and be done. No last minute scrambling to squash my blow dryer in after I shower in the morning. No forgetting my moisturizer because I left it out to put on in the morning. I can be totally packed ahead of time and still have the use of all my favorite products as I get ready to leave. As an added bonus, if you have two trips planned close together (like Thanksgiving and Christmas, for example) you don’t even have to unpack in between; you are already ahead of the game.

It’s a small change to your packing but you would be amazed what a difference it makes.  Hope this helps with all of your holiday excursions and safe travels!

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