Two nights ago, we were all hanging out on my bed. Natalie was reading us a story, Liam was checking out his new toy, Bill was listening to our daughter, and I was flipping through a magazine. I love quiet times together. It was very close to bedtime so I didn’t want to get the kids too excited or riled up. They wanted to wrestle with their father and I really didn’t want to get their hearts racing like that. So, I grabbed a piece of paper and made up a quick game.

I wrote everyone’s name on a little sheet and folded them up. Then I had each family member pick out a name and say one good thing about that person. We did it three times to ensure that we each had a chance to speak about everyone else. The kids LOVED it and if I’m being honest – I LOVED IT too because I got to actually hear what the kids were thinking.

For instance, Liam said that he loved how much I kissed him. My heart melted instantly. It also gave Bill and me a chance to appreciate one another – and that’s something we typically don’t say out loud (after 10 years of marriage a lot of stuff is assumed).

It was a very loving moment and I will be sure to remember to do it every now and then so we can all check back into this family.

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