I really do love this time of year. It’s all so festive and fun and exciting! Natalie came home from an after-school activity and brought home a Gingerbread house. WHAT?! That is insane!! I was so excited for her. We tried to make one of these once and it was borderline embarrassing.


Then Liam had to get ready for his school’s Secret Santa. The kids helped me stuffed the goody bags. We scored BIG at the Dollar Store today.


As a treat, I picked them up these magnet games. Do you remember them from when you were a child? I used to play with one all the time. They’ve been messing around with them ever since.

On a professional note – two amazing things happened to me today. One of them is INSANE – like BONKERS insane. I can’t wait to talk about them! Bill and I are going to have a lot of fun – that’s all I’m saying.

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