Think about it. You’re a young kid opening up your Christmas presents. You tear off the wrapping paper and see the ONE TOY YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. The IT toy of the season. You can’t wait! You have to start playing… immediately.

You open up the box and start pressing the buttons, but nothing works. You need batteries to play with this toy… and there are no batteries to be found.


I’ve been there. Come on – we’ve all been there. Let’s get serious for a minute. Why not just eliminate this experience by throwing in some Rayovac batteries? My children last year were devastated when my mother gave them a “Go Fish” game that required batteries. We were out and it took a while for the kids to get over it. LOL! I kept saying, “There are a million other toys to play with here. Play with something else”. It didn’t work.

Lesson learned. This year, I made sure that Bill bought a boat load of batteries in preparation for Christmas Eve. Consider doing the same. I have a few offers to get you started:

Who doesn’t love a coupon?! Don’t get me started on that subject! LOL. There are only  a few more days before before Christmas. You still have time! 😉

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