I should LIE and say I made this up on my own… but I’m not that kinda girl. A friend of mine (Hi Kim!) came to my house with this bowl of goodness and now I am obsessed with making it.  Thankfully, I had a party to go to last night and whipped it up for the group. Here is how:

  • Angel Food Cake
  • 4 boxes of strawberries (or I guess any fruit you’d like)
  • 2 Cool Whips
  • 3 Kozy Shack Rice Puddings


Buy yourself an already made Angel Food Cake. You can also do this with pound cake. Or if you are feeling CRAZY  – make one of your own.  Cut it up into little squares.


Chop up 3 boxes of your strawberries. Then start to layer. Cake, Strawberries, Kozy Shack, Cool Whip – or however you’d like.


REPEAT until you dish is full. GO LIGHT ON THE COOL WHIP. I think I put a little too much last night and wished I put more rice pudding.


Cut the greens off of your last box of strawberries and place around top.


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