I might have mentioned once or twice before how horrible I am with gift giving / receiving. If it’s in the house – it has to be exchanged. Drives me crazy to wait. Bill went out for bagels this morning and was gone for over an hour. When he came back in, I KNEW he did what he does every year – he went out to buy me my Christmas Present on Christmas Eve. Talk about last minute gift buying

I love this year’s gift because it’s so thoughtful.

Remember the psychic I went to see last week? She told me that I should take sea salt baths every now and then to remove any negative energy that’s attached itself to me. I know it sounds very hokey pokey and believe me – my husband is SO NOT INTO THAT SORT OF THING. But, I am and I was determined to get some sea salt. I ended up picking some up at the supermarket and have been trying that out the last few days.

Well, Bill went and bought me an entire collection from Ahava that uses DeadSea Salt (bath salt, hand cream, body lotion, foot cream etc). It just shows me that he listens to me / cares about what I need – even if it’s not something he necessarily believes in.

I love it.

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