That feeling of regret – it stings. While you are in the moment, you aren’t thinking consequences – you are thinking of nothing but the sensation, the joy, the NOW. However the next morning, when you wake up and realize what you’ve done – well, that’s a whole different ballgame, isn’t it?

This morning, I woke up after my whirlwind of a weekend and covered my face in shame. I recapped everything I did and realized how I was going to have to pay for it all.

Yes, I’m talking about binging this holiday weekend.

Wait – what did you think I was talking about? 🙂

I ate… like I … was going… to the chair. Last meal over and over again. Dessert – make that two – no three. SODA. Appetizers – I mean if I see another piece of salami for the next month I’m going to DIE.

WHAT DID I DO? The last few weeks at the gym – GONE. For NOTHING. I’m probably worse off than I originally started. LOL>

Today is  a new day. There is Zumba at 10:30. I might hit it up to get myself back on track. How did you do this weekend?

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