I am exhausted. I hosted a huge Christmas BBQ for my local friends, then Christmas Eve and now I’m gearing up for New Year’s Day. I can’t stop cleaning my damn house. 🙂

Well, yesterday Bill went out with some of his friends and the kids and I hung out playing with some of our new toys.


One toy we kept going back to was the UDraw tablet for the Wii. I’m so upset about this purchase because I bought it on Black Friday for like 60 bucks and now it’s on sale for 30! UGH. Have to let that go – but you know how I am with saving money. This is PAINFUL!


We kept taking turns coloring. I love how they are getting used to using a tablet. I feel like it’s something they will need to know in their later years. So, I’m happy for the technology lesson.


Of course, then we started to trace feet, bodies and hands. Whatever keeps them happy, right?!


They took it very seriously! LOL 😉

Loving this laid back week.

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