I obviously had to resize these down because they had to fit on my blog template, but at larger form, these orbs are much more noticeable. I never intended to post these pictures of my kids jumping on my bed. This was just for our personal collection – but as I took the first picture, something shot across the lens. I thought it was a bug and tried to find it. But I couldn’t.

Then as I was taking pictures, I looked at my phone to see the results. That’s when I saw these white circles. I told Bill I thought they were ghost orbs that we were photographing. That darn psychic has ruined me! I am so paranoid now!

I guess it could have been dust, right?

I messed with the lighting and coloring of the pictures on my computer so you can see the white circles better.

I wasn’t moving. I was standing in the same position and the orbs in the photos are in different positions each time. It couldn’t be the reflection of the light right? Because wouldn’t that just repeat the same position over and over again? I don’t know about any of this – I just need a second opinion because I am fr-eaking OUT.

Do you believe in this stuff? Do you think these are spirit orbs in my pictures? Dust? WHAT????

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