If you haven’t noticed by now – I’m an extremist. I’m not a talker. If I say I want to do something… I mean I wanted it done yesterday. LOL! We are full speed ahead with my decorating plans for the bedroom.

This morning, I woke up nice and early and took Natalie to Target to get a few items before the store got crazy.


She got all dressed up! I was in my pajamas and she was in a party dress. Hey – whatever works. After we finished up, we headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond. My mother gave me money for Christmas and I had a $110 credit from 2007 that I needed to use. Yes, from 2007!!! I brought the paper to the lady and she TOOK IT. I was so shocked.

Anyway, I got the Laura Ashley Avery Bed in a Bag.


The way they showed it in the store is the way I’m going to do it. The comforter was folded over so you can see both sides. I’m actually going to run back and take a photo so I remember.

Yesterday, I was THIS CLOSE to ordering bedding from Pottery Barn but it was SO SO SO SO expensive. This was almost free (with credit and gift card). And free is for me…

Can’t wait to get everything DONE.

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