Last night, Audrey came in with her family. They are spending New Year’s Eve with us and we wanted to go out for dinner. There’s this new Italian restaurant that opened up near me – Passione – and I LOVE IT. So off we went – all 10 of us.


6 kids and 4 adults. Yeah – it’s a little noisy. 🙂 But truth be told – they were pretty well behaved. I wonder if it had something to do with all the free food the waiters were throwing at us. My guess is they were dads and knew they had to keep this lot preoccupied.


Meanwhile, the 4 adults ate until we unbuttoned our pants. It was SO funny because we kept joking about how we all gained so much weight this year (and then fought over the last fried capellini). See that stuffed artichoke next to Bill – green crack. That’s what it was….lol.

After the kids went to bed (you know around 1030) we tried to stay up to watch tv but I was brewing such a migraine that I had to call it a night. 🙁 I feel better today though. Let’s see how late we stay up for NYE.

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