I thought it would be fun to do a recap post of my favorite moments in 2011. We are all sitting around waiting for our takeout food and I felt inspired.

Have a great New Year’s Eve!! See you in 2012!!

My first attempt at skiing. And yes, there is a video.

My first Trenta at Starbucks

Our family vacation to Puerto Rico (video too)

Getting my first gig with The Rachael Ray Magazine

Going to Disney with Hanes

Taking up Tennis

Finally getting to Fire Island (Bill and I have been planning this trip for 10 years)

Body Mud Masks

Eating a meal from Emeril

My attempt at being Sookie for Halloween (in a room filled with non-True Blood viewers)

Showing how unintelligent I am on Cash Cab

Getting in Oprah Magazine with P&G

Doing an event in Times Square with Frigidaire

Doing a photo shoot for a magazine I can’t talk about yet

Getting a reading from a medium

Going to Macy’s on 34th street to see Santa

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