I got a little young left in me YET! 🙂

Last night I had a lot of fun with Audrey, Matt, and Bill. The kids were entertaining themselves in the basement while we played board games and watched the Dick Clark New Year’s Eve special.

They were here for a few days. We ate until our pants didn’t fit… and then we changed into our pajamas and ate some more.

But first we hit up the park. Had to get some of the kids’ energy out, right?

We also played a few boardgames – one of which was Telestrations. I made a video of it and will post soon. It’s really cute.

The kids were dying to play with us – so we whipped out Pictionary Junior for while. Then we rounded out the evening with Apples to Apples. LOVE IT!

Ice cream sundaes for everyone and then…

We toasted away 2011. It was such a great weekend.  What did you do this weekend??

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