Yesterday morning I thought Natalie got poked in the eye. It looked a bit irritated and I asked her if she hurt herself while playing in the basement. She said no. 2 hours later… she looked this like. Straight up pink eye!! But this makes no sense?? We weren’t around anyone who had it? I don’t understand how this happened?

Either way – it did happen! UGH

And of course I was HOSTING NEW YEAR’S DAY FOR MY FAMILY. I had about 20-25 people in my house and had to give them all the heads up. I felt terrible!!! But I found out about her pink eye an hour or so before the actual party. Food was made. House was set up. There was no way to do it somewhere else.


I kept her in the basement for the majority of the party but this puppy is SO contagious. I can’t handle it. UGH

I took this picture a few minutes ago. She woke up and found that the tooth fairy came and gave her a dollar. What is the going rate these days? I thought she should get $5 – but Bill is old school.

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