Shut the front door! I am so excited!! It happened so quickly and easily which makes me believe that it was meant to be.

I know I mentioned a few times how much I love to travel. I grew up spending the summers in Malta and my family and I get away AT LEAST once a year now that I am an adult. My kids have been to Disney 4 times, and have spent a week in both Puerto Rico and Virginia. They are just 4 and 6… and believe me when I say we are just getting started.

This year, I have 3 trips already scheduled (wait until I can talk about them – I fall off my couch every single time I even THINK about it) and am hoping to get a few more on the books before 2013.

Travel blogging just makes sense! I might as well write about it if I’m living it, right? I mean – after all – Lady and the Blog is an extension of MY LIFE. Everything I do and feel gets posted online. Why not?

That’s why becoming a blogger for TravelingMom just feels right.

There’s my mug in between Desiree (the one who connected me to Kim (founder of Traveling Mom)) and Jodi (we are peeps and  happen to like the same raunchy books – so I had to give her a shout out).

My new title? The Fashion TravelingMom.

What does this mean? I will be posting a few times a month on Traveling Mom and will eventually go out on assignment for the group.

Fingers crossed for a cruise! Don’t get me started about the new Disney line. LOL!

I already wrote up my first post last night – but I can’t publish it until Wednesday. Dying to get it going!! My husband and I were on the couch watching television and I was grinning from ear to ear. Mid-show, I whipped out my laptop and purged my first story. I literally had to get it out of me!!!

Bill naturally thought I was insane. But I think I kind of am… so perhaps he is right?

Have you checked out TravelingMom? If you are looking for advice about where to go with your kids – that is the site to visit!

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