Many moons ago, our children put a dozen quarters into our car CD player. They were pretending it was a bank. We obviously didn’t realize what was happening. There went our cd player.

But that wasn’t the END of the WORLD because we still had the radio. I just couldn’t play Adele, Sarah Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson and Natasha Bedingfield on repeat. Perhaps my husband encouraged the usage of those quarters. 🙂

A few months later, the radio started to act up. For the last month, there’s been absolutely NO MUSIC in the car while we drive. At first, I was panicked. I couldn’t handle being alone with my thoughts. My mind tends to race and all that silence was too… LOUD. However, as the time progressed, I started to look forward to completely unplugging. When I’m driving it’s just me and the road. You become much more aware of your surroundings when you’re not belting out tunes for your non-audience.

This morning, during my drive, I noticed all the runners on the road, the dog walkers, and the Christmas decorations. Yes, they are still up in my town. I noticed the… silence and it felt really great. I live my life connected – every waking second of the day. So, now my drives have become a bit of an escape.

Obviously, we are going to eventually fix the radio – but for the time being, I’m just going to enjoy the silence.

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