Several months ago, I read Switched (Trylle Trilogy, Book 1) on a whim. I think I bought it for $.99 and just happened upon it (OR Colleen Padilla recommended it to me – I can’t quite remember.) Anyway, I got through the three books fairly quickly and have since passed along the book title to some friends.

Haven’t thought about it since.

Well, last night I read that Amanda Hocking – the author – just signed a $2 million book deal after being denied by every publishing house under the sun. She just wouldn’t stop writing. She self published the Tyrlle series and continued to come up with new stories to push.

Boy this this one HIT! Can someone say… The New Twilight? Ok, maybe not – but you know what I mean. It’s very visual and the story will be really fun to watch on the big screen.

What an inspiration! I mean, Amanda isn’t even 30 yet and she hit the JACKPOT all because she wouldn’t stop believing in herself. I LOVE this happy ending.

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