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Summary: NYC Mommies To Be

Email: query-1tjd@helpareporter.net

Casting second season of the BRAVO hit, Pregnant In Heels! Need fabulous, pregnant women to spics up the winter blues and have Rosie Pope help out with the maternity needs! email asap christina@vpetalent.com


  • Due date Feb to early May
  • Live in NYC
  • Love your lifestyle


Searching for a Casino or Casino River Boat for a TV Series

Email: query-1thz@helpareporter.net


A major TV production company is in search of a casino or casino boat with a fun staff filled with interesting and colorful characters to be featured in a show following the day to day in’s and out’s of running a casino.

To learn more about the project please email Sean De Simone at cbtvcasting@gmail.com with a info on the casino and possible staff along with a link to the website or photos.


Twitter – https://twitter.com/#!/desimonecasting

Searching for a Small Town Airport for a TV Series

Email: query-1ti1@helpareporter.net


A major TV production company is in search of an airport with a fun staff filled with interesting and colorful characters to be featured in a show following the day to day in’s and out’s of running an airport. .

To learn more about the project please email Sean De Simone at airportcast@gmail.com with a info on the airport and possible staff along with a link to the website or photos.

Looking for those who want to quit their job and move to paradise

Email: query-1ti5@helpareporter.net

Do you know someone that has been saying that they’re going to quit their job and move somewhere tropical? Or perhaps their dream is to live on a vineyard in California. Or to start an organic farm somewhere SOUTH.

Whatever their dream residence, a major cable network has an opportunity for them. We’re casting a pilot that will give this “dreamer” a real look at their ideal locale, discuss the feasibility of actually quitting their job and living comfortably in a new environment. At the conclusion of the episode, they’ll have all the information needed to actually put the wheels in motion on their dream — or return to their life and job back home.

The ideal candidate is 30+, has a job and family that will be impacted by their decision, and has a destination in mind (for this particular episode, we’re focusing on dream locations in the United States and the Caribbean). Candidates will be expected to film a short, 3-5 minute video of themselves
answering a series of questions. Feel free to contact me for more information — and pass along the anyone you think would be a good fit.

For more information, head to www.michaelpetrella.com/current



Email: query-1tjg@helpareporter.net

The show is about a huge NYC auto parts dealer named Joe who will do ANYTHING for his customers. We are currently casting for people who have a story involving their car.
Do you have an unusual vehicle that needs a part?
Do you need your vehicle for your job?
Is your car making a noise and you don’t know what it is?
Is your husband a car nut?
Is your car special to you?
Or are you a regular person who just needs a part?
Compensation is available for your time.

What can Joe do for you?
If you would like to hear more about this opportunity, email your full name, contact information, picture of yourself, your vehicle, and what type of work needs to done to automotiveshowcasting@gmail.com. The shooting will take place in NYC, so you should live in the area or be able to get to the shop on the day of filming. Living in the Bronx is a plus but not mandatory.


Email: query-1tip@helpareporter.net

Do you love going to open houses? Do you love to see how other people decorate their homes? Do you love to entertain in your home? Do you have strong opinions on how other people fashion their living space? How would you like to get paid for it? The Hit show from the UK, “May The Best House Win” has now landed on this side of the Pond. Each week TLC will crown the ultimate master of their domain with a $10,000 cash prize and more importantly, bragging rights!! This opportunity will not last so contact us immediately!

Your home doesn’t have to mansion, but it has to be interesting! You don’t have to be Martha Stewart or Nate Berkus, but you have
to be a character! Must live within an hour of NYC.
Looking in the New York City, Southern Connecticut, New Jersey, Long Island, Staten Island, Eastern Pennsylvania areas.


Email: query-1tk9@helpareporter.net

Need help with your TEEN? Josh Shipp is getting ready to film a new ground-breaking TV series on a MAJOR CABLE NETWORK. Don’t worry this is NOT sleazy TV. This is life changing TV from the former Executive Producer of OPRAH

Here’s who we’re looking to work with…
* Do you suspect your teen is going down the wrong path and engaging in life-threatening activities? (drinking, doing drugs or engaging in promiscuous behavior)
* Is your teen failing all of their classes and busy hanging out with the wrong crowd?
* Do you know if your teen is bullying or being extremely aggressive at school?

If you are at a loss of what to do with your out-of-control teen and would like to get some assistance, Josh Shipp and his team CAN help.
He will PERSONALLY work with you to help turn around your teen. If this is YOU, please email us troubledteencasting@gmail.com


Josh Shipp is the host of the TV Show JUMP SHIPP, author of “The Teen’s Guide to World Domination” (St. Martins Press), names a
CNN Young Person Who Rocks and was listed on INC Magazine’s 30 under 30 list. Josh has established an international reputation as a teen behavior expert who can get through to any teen. He’s spoken at universities such as Harvard, Stanford & UCLA. He’s addressed group of parents, educators, and mental health professionals on “how to get through to teens.” Plus, he has spoken to more than TWO MILLION teenagers live. He is a recognized on-air expert for such media outlets as MTV, CNN, and FOX. Josh offers up a healthy dose of advice that he calls, “in your face, but on your side.”



Email: query-1tke@helpareporter.net

Do you feel young on the inside but look 10 years older on the outside. Do people always think you are older than your real age? Have you always wanted a makeover? If you want tips to take a decade off your look write in now!!

Please include the following information..


Email: query-1tju@helpareporter.net

We are looking to showcase amazing spring finds for our Fabulous Spring Favorites Show on BetterCT this show drew over the top ratings in Dec so we are doing it again. If you want us to showcase your “MUST HAVE” product for spring please contact us…

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