Someone said we all looked like sisters in this shot… and I kind of see it!

Let me introduce the girls before I get into the sweet stuff. Not saying that these ladies aren’t sweet… you know what I mean.

Top – Ashley and me.

From the bottom left – Danielle,  Colleen and Audrey.


Last night, our group went out to dinner with some friends from P&G. They opted for Sustain – an uber chic Miami hot spot that serves up quality dishes while remaining eco-conscious. Naturally…  I opted for the chicken. But what a fine chicken it was!! 🙂


We dined for hours… no really. The conversation was great and we dove into everything from business tips to raunchy reads. I added a few authors to my Nook list and am very excited about branching out to some new genres.

The night was simply amazing. Then came the dessert menu and things just got better. One thing in particular stood out to me.

A fre-aking s’mores doughnut. Say what now? I think 80% of the table ordered it.


Insane. Do you hear me? In-sane!!! I’m not a chocolate lover and I was practically licking the plate and begging for more. SO SO SO SO SO GOOD. If you are heading to Miami, be sure to put Sustain on your list of MUST EATS.


Here’s a close up in case you didn’t believe me the first time.

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