I have a very early flight this morning. I woke up, packed, got dressed and am now trying to get a few posts written before heading back to NY to see my babies.

This Miami trip with P&G was amazing – I will post a TON of shots tomorrow with my official write up and video. However, 3 days away from my kids definitely weighed on me at times.  I obviously missed my family and kept checking in with them to hear what was going on.

My husband was so great this week. He knew that I needed them, so every now and then he would email me random shots of the kids.

Not ones of them posing or staged. Just life shots – the things I would have seen had I been home. Natalie doing the dishes. Liam playing with a puzzle. It was just what I needed to recharge and the emails were always welcomed.

20 years ago, this wouldn’t have been the case, right? If I went away on business, there would be no updates like this available and that makes me feel so lucky.

Sure… technology is ripping us all apart. But there’s also good that comes out of it as well. Seeing my babies all week long despite being 2,000 miles away was amazing.

Now… if only I could figure out Skype!!! lol

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