Not many people know this. In fact, I feel almost funny admitting it on my blog. There’s something I do every single time I travel. No matter the time. No matter the length of flight. It’s almost like those baseball players that wear double socks right before a game. A slight… quirk if you will.

Whenever I travel… I have to eat… a chicken salad sandwich.

Is that INSANE? (a little bit)

I could take a 4AM flight and I will still opt for this as my breakfast. I don’t know when it started and I don’t know WHY it started – but it’s part of my life. I never have a problem leaving from JFK because these puppies are everywhere. But if I’m traveling from out of country BACK to JFK – I don’t always get what I want… which makes me very nervous.

Come on. Fess up – do you do anything silly like this? I can’t be the only one.

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