I love my real life friends – don’t get me wrong.  But sometimes I get a little embarrassed about my blogger’s DNA. I find real comfort in the moments I get to spend with other online writers. It’s a totally different mentality. We can talk about social media for hours and never get bored. No one judges if you take 75 pictures of a hamburger during dinner. And posing for staged photos like the above… priceless.

Were we all really sitting like this? Of course not! But were we close to it? You better believe it! Non bloggers would probably find this offensive, but we were just tweeting about the event we were invited to and it was understood that it was part of the job.

Look  – we all know that I have a virtual gig. 95% of my job occurs while I’m alone in my house and behind a computer. But I still feel so connected to other bloggers when we come face to face. It’s like this invisible veil of understanding. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

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