I’m trying to be more conscious about my eating habits. I’m not the healthiest eater… to say the least. BUT I’ve finally registered that chowing down on  junk food is counter productive since I’ve started going to the gym. I mean – WHY am I running around like an animal if I’m just going to eat 5 chocolate chip cookies when I get home? It just negates everything right?

This “trick” isn’t really NEW. I’m sure most of you will admit you do the same thing. Whenever I find myself craving a snack (even when I’m not hungry) I brush my teeth or rinse with Scope mouthwash. There’s just something about that minty feeling that makes me NOT want to eat.

If I absolutely cannot STAND it and my snack attack is going to win… then I opt for an applesauce from Mott’s – but the granny smith apple one. It’s much tarter than the original and has no sugar added. OH SO GOOD.

What are your cheats when you want to eat?

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