I made SUCH a mistake last week. There’s this site that I LOVE called Dorothy Perkins. It’s in the UK but has a US version online. I buy things from Top Shop on occasion and have never had a problem with fees etc. I just ASSUMED that Dorothy Perkins would be the same kinda thing.

Well…. you know what they say about people who assume things.

I placed my order and then a few days later received an email telling me I owed $85 in taxes to Customs. I figured it was spam and deleted it. Then I got a phone call saying the same exact thing.

Come on… I wasn’t told I had to pay that???

In the end, I had to pay for the package to come to the US and the fees were actually MORE than my order total. MORTIFIED!

Lesson learned…a very expensive lesson learned.

( but I did get 4 compliments on the shirt above – gotta find the silver lining, right?)

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