I’ve been having serious email issues as of late. People email me and I never get the message.  This has been going on for MONTHS. Friends constantly suggest that I start a new email address…  but I have ZERO desire to do that. I can barely keep up with ONE inbox – forget about two!

For the last year or so, I’ve been playing this game with Gmail. I’d get to 90% full and then I’d go back in time and delete enough info to bring me beneath 80%. A few weeks later – same story.

Well, this morning, I woke up to 93% full and I just about HAD IT. What happens when you get to 100%? I don’t want to know. I went back and deleted everything before 11/09. I cleared out my trash… and am now a proud parent of a 50% full email address. WOOT! WOOT!

How do you handle your inbox memory? Do you use Gmail? Does Outlook offer something different? HELP!

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