Last night, I went to the VIP Opening of Red Door Spas NYC Flagship. The store opened on January 26th but we got the official introduction yesterday. The spa is sooo beautiful!! They offer many services and just a place to unwind and relax, amidst the craziness of the city. It’s located in a major shopping area so it’s the perfect place to kick back after a day of shopping. Red Door offers signature treatments that include facials, body treatments, skin treatments and massages.

At the event last night, some of the top players at Red Door were there to chat about their plans for the new store. They’re all super excited for guests to try out their services. Red Door is also taking part in Fashion Week!! They’re doing Emerson, the Red Dress show and Brandon Sun. Here’s something I’m really excited to share with you. If you’re passing by Lincoln Center, there’s going to be an Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa Beauty Bus outside Lincoln Center on Thursday, February 9th 2012. They’ll be there between 10am and 2:30pm doing hair, makeup and nails by appointment. You can be a part of the glamour of Fashion Week!!

To read more about the new store and see what services they offer, go to Everyone needs a little spoiling.


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