I’ve always admired Toms Shoes because of what the company STAND for… but haven’t actually supported them because I’ve never feel part of their target market. Well, today is a new day I am in LOVE with a pair of shoes from Toms.


This is BIG news for me because that means I can now take part in their charitable ways. Toms donates a pair of shoes to a child in need every single time a purchase is made on their site. How powerful!  Not only can we now score a fab ballet flat, but we can also do our part in helping out with their initiative.


The Toms Shoes Ballet Flat line will run you under $80 (but remember that purchase price also donates a pair of shoes to the needy). If you were ever going to spend $80 on a pair of shoes – this is the time to do it.

Natural Leather


Want to see the full line? Click here to check them out.

Thanks to my writer Jessica for pointing these out to me on Twitter!!!

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