My job has been pulling me in 100 different directions lately. DON’T GET ME WRONG – I can’t complain because I am so happy to be working with the brands that I’ve aligned myself with. However, time with the kids has become… sparse to say the least. I’m in the city 4 times this week for example. That is a rarity for me as I make it a point to work from home as much as I can. After all, it’s why I became a blogger, right?

This calendar overload is short lived – or at least I hope so. I think in a few weeks things will really calm down – which (believe me) I am looking forward to. BIG TIME! Bill and I are planning a trip to Turqs and Caicos with the kids in April.I am literally counting down the days!

I came home around 3 today – with just enough time to pick my daughter up from school. Honestly, it’s been WEEKS since I’ve done that and it felt so GOOD. My friends were making fun of me – saying “IS SHE REALLY ALIVE?!” etc. It’s funny but it’s also sad. I haven’t gone to the gym or seen/ spoken to my town friends in AGES.

Tomorrow I’m back in the city to attend an event with Martha Stewart and Staples (which I am actually looking forward to – Martha is the ultimate business woman) and then 3 conference calls. But again – I will have the evening free to spend with the kids. While we are together,  I’m trying to do things they like. For instance, tonight we are watching Gnomeo and Juliet with popcorn and lemonade. Bill snapped a picture of us and I had to share.

It’s these moments that mean the most. 🙂 Not the Disney trips and the days spent away from home. It’s the movie nights in our pajamas and the talent shows. It’s the warm chocolate chip cookies we just made and the half hour we spend together each night in bed taking turns reading our favorite books. It’s looking in their eyes when they tell you about their day. And remembering why you do all that you do…

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