Alright… so maybe it wasn’t an art gallery and instead just our public library. But for a 4 year old, it’s pretty much the same thing, right?! On Friday, Liam and I headed to the library with Bill to pick up a few books that Natalie needed for school. As we were walking out, we ran into Liam’s teacher. She asked us if we had a chance to see Liam’s masterpiece yet. Naturally, we did not because I had no clue Liam’s school worked with the library in this capacity.

She brought us over to this little section honoring Wang Lani. Each child had to paint their version of a monkey (at least I am assuming that’s a monkey). Liam’s drawing is of a lion (lower left of picture) – a happy lion to boot. 🙂  His name on top says Liam Yani. LOL!! So sweet.

He was so proud of his artwork. It was a real treat to get to see it with him for the first time on the library’s walls.

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