I know I shouldn’t start with a dessert picture, but it’s so darn funny!!

Over the weekend, I attended the Family Travel Conference – an event co-hosted by TravelingMom.com, FamilyTravelForum.com, and TakingtheKids.com. As you know, I recently became a Traveling Mom. So, I was thrilled for the opportunity. The group had lunch at Virgil’s Real Barbecue to celebrate the fact that their newest restaurant is opening at… wait for it… The Atlantis in the Bahamas! I mean – AS IF that resort needed one more amazing things for their guests to do! 🙂

The Atlantis Resort is in the Bahamas and is now home to the 2nd Virgil’s. This is not a cookie cutter chain, folks. This is amazing food found in 2 amazing places.


So, let’s talk about these wings. Usually, I take time to take better photographs – but I couldn’t WAIT to eat. So, I just snapped and grabbed. LOL. When I picked up my wings, one literally fell apart before making it to my plate. You can see the bone on the left side of the picture. It just popped right out. Oh man… so good.

Owner and chef Artie Cutler (who also owns Carmine’s BTW – home of the best stuffed artichoke in NYC if you ask me) spoke to the group and put on a little demonstration for the Family Travel Conference group. Then he offered up the following rub recipe. I’m pretty sure I killed someone diving for a pen and pad because there was NO WAY I was leaving that restaurant without the info. LOL

Virgil’s Barbeque Rub Recipe (in fluid ounces)

5.5 ounces of sweet paprika

3 ounces granulated sugar

1.5 ounces texas chili powder

1.5 ounces dried minced onion

1.5 ounces dried minced garlic

1.5 ounces dried parsley flakes

1 ounce of table salt (or if you want to add a smokey flavor used smoked salt)

Coat your meat with about 1/4 inch worth of seasoning. Sear off with a pain/ oil before. Place in crock pot. Fill with 1/2 inch of apple juice and then cover meat in some BBQ sauce. The higher the quality the better. Cook on low for 8-9 hours.


Here are the kids putting that rub to good use. They had so much fun!


Just when I thought it was done, another course came. I mean… I couldn’t believe the food. So, after the wings and all of the items on the above plate…. the fried chicken course came. I couldn’t eat another bite – so I took the chicken home.

And then…


The dessert came. I mean – I am STILL FULL. But it was oh so good. The banana cream pie was out of control. I didn’t get to taste the peanut butter pie or chocolate pie because at that point, Bill was outside waiting for me. But by the looks of it, the rest of my table was happy happy!

End result – if you find yourself visiting NYC and in need of a great restaurant around Times Square – check out Virgil’s Real Barbeque. And if you are one of the lucky ones vacationing at The Atlantis – make reservations and go hungry!

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