I don’t care if it’s a $10 bag from Target or an $800 bag from Louis Vuitton. I will never trust the floors of mass transportation. While commuting into the city yesterday, I found myself in a pretty empty car. I didn’t have to keep my bag on my lap to make room for my fellow passengers… but I did it anyway.

Halfway into Penn Station, the man I was sitting next to got up and exited. When he did, this is what I found underneath him. His spilled coffee… everywhere. I was like… are you kidding me? Some of the liquid started to creep towards me and I moved but all I kept thinking of was “What if my bag was on the floor?” YUCK!

I am all for bringing drinks and food onto the LIRR. It’s part of life. But… times like these… I almost wish you weren’t allowed (as I sip my Starbucks tea). LOL!

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