Ok, I’m joking folks. But I do need to ask you a serious question. Are you a sports kinda gal? I mean – did you watch the Super Bowl? And if you did – did you watch it to see the commercials?? Or because you had a true affection for the game.

I think it has something to do with WHERE you grew up. I’m from Queens and sports were never a real priority in my life. In high school, I remember doing archery and line dancing in gym class (which was super cool) but never took the effort to actually try to join a team. However, my girlfriends from down South and up North are quite the opposite.

They even KNOW the names of the team members. LOL! The last time I knew a Giants name, I think I was 15 or so. The Refrigerator. That’s the only name I remember because my cousin used to quiz me on his favorite team every weekend and I would ALWAYS know ONLY ONE answer. Gotta give the boy some credit for trying…

When I was in college, I actually met the entire Giants team. I was a waitress and they would come to my restaurant quite frequently. I ended up getting the whole lot to sign a piece of paper for my cousin – front and back. When I gave it to him, he just about collapsed on the floor. Meanwhile, I thought nothing of it. Big WHOOP – so to speak.

Though, I will admit that I really enjoyed my first official football game with friends. But I think it was because I was having a great time at the party, you know.

So here’s my question to you — are you a sports lover? Are you from a sports town? If so, what is your favorite team?

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