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Yesterday, I was invited to attend a press preview of Martha Stewart’s new Home Office Line available at Staples. Martha teamed up with Avery to create a line that was both functional and chic. I have to admit… in my 6+ years of blogging I have NEVER left an event spending money. EVER! And I left Staples with over $45 worth of goods from the new Martha Stewart Home Office line. I was sold – sold – sold! Half of the stuff I bought is already ripped open and in use. LOL

Anna from Mommy Poppins snapped this shot of me – I took it all home.


The Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ line features organization solutions in a variety of Martha Stewart’s signature designs and colors, including:
• Tax time organization
• Portable filing
• Pantry organization
• Planning binders
• Desk organization
• Journaling
• Color-coding
• Meal planning



And are you ready for this… Martha is also pushing a FURNITURE LINE. That desk is actually part of her new collection. How amazing is that?? I mean – imagine having an office entirely designed by Miss Martha.

And I will say… this woman was VERY hands on with the creation of her line (as you can imagine). At one point, someone started to talk about one of the 300+ products that are available for purchase and Martha chimed right in with a half dozen details about the make and feel of the journal. I mean – she KNEW what she was talking about.


Martha also told the group that a kids line was in the works. Something I am very much looking forward to seeing. She was personable and kind – walked around and spoke to the bloggers that were invited and even snapped a group photo with us. It was a really great day. The new Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ product line is available exclusively at Staples and Staples.com.

Want to take a look at the Martha Stewart Home Office collection? Click on the thumbnails below:

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