I love how my house is ALWAYS A MESS whenever I take photos… sigh.

Anyway, over the weekend, Natalie received a Valentine’s Day card from a boy she’s been in love with for almost 2 years. I realize that he probably sent cards out to the entire class, but when Natalie learned the card was from him… she just about levitated. So, I didn’t burst her bubble. LOL!

Oddly enough, earlier that day she was singing about him in her room. I quietly listened as I didn’t want to interrupt. She is just too darn cute.

I love you – you are my world.

When I was little, I started writing songs around the 4th grade. I had books and books of them. I even remember some of them!! After Natalie finished singing, I went into her room and told her about my books. I gave her a notebook and told her to start jotting down her lyrics so she can remember them forever. I have to encourage this!

I’ve been a writer my whole life. In college, I would recite my poetry in “Poetry Slams”. In high school, my friends would tell me their issues and then by the end of the day I would hand them a personalized poem. It was my LIFE and now it seems that my daughter has a little bit of me inside of her.

I suppose it’s genetic. My father was a musician – so while he didn’t concentrate on the written word, he did inspire a love for the art. Drums, guitars, pianos – I remember just listening to him play…

I love watching Natalie grow into who she will be. I never want to forget these moments.

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