I always try my hardest to NOT CHECK LUGGAGE these days. I mean – at $25 a pop, I always ask myself if what I’m bringing is REALLY worth it. I’m one of those girls that pack the kitchen sink if you know what I mean.

I need OPTIONS!!!

One of my many problems is the wrinkling issues I come across when I bring a carry-on bag. I try to stuff as much as I possibly can (including my camera, laptop, plugs, chargers etc) into a tiny bag and everything ends up getting disheveled. Well, last night, I came across these two products. The Bounce Lint & Freshness Roller is perfect for someone who owns pets. I have 2 chihuahuas and one of them sheds like there is no tomorrow.

A week or so ago, I was invited to attend a Staples event with Martha Stewart. I wore a black sweater that I grabbed from my kitchen chair as I ran out the door. When I took my coat off and sat down, I went red from head to toe. My entire sweater was FILLED with my dog’s white hairs. Mortified!!! I took it off immediately but that was a problem because the dress I was wearing was too big on me. The sweater was shielding that fact.

If I had this freaking roller in my purse, I would have had a much different afternoon.

The Downy Wrinkle Release not only smells good but it comes in a 3 ounce bottle while means you can carry it on while traveling. LOVE!

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