I finally got my hands on the pictures from last night’s fashion show. Strut was everything it was supposed to be. The mom models were amazing. The crowd was excited. And the set… the set was magical.  Out of control!

As you know, my three looks were sponsored by Marshall’s – a brand I was SO THRILLED to be paired with. Every look was more fabulous than the last. It really opened my eyes to some new fashion ideas. I would have NEVER paired blue pants with a green top. I’m not that risky … or at least I wasn’t that risky. The Marshall’s stylists blew it out the PARK and has made me a changed woman!

Look 1: I was literally shaking like a leaf because when I first did a test run in those Steve Madden shoes, I sort of tripped. My hands were convulsing and I didn’t want it to show. So, I started to have fun with the crowd so I wouldn’t look like I was about to have a psychotic breakdown.

Look 2: After I didn’t fall, I felt a little more comfortable. When I walked in this French Connection dress from Marshall’s, I decided to whip out my phone and film the Strut crowd as I walked. LOL! I HAD TO!!! Click on the above link to check out the footage.

Look 3: This is my absolute favorite picture of the bunch despite the dorky way I’m standing in it. This Marshall’s dress was to DIE for. I almost slept in it last night. Seriously! But that’s not why I love this picture. I love this picture because I got to experience such an amazing moment with my best friend. I love Audrey more than I can put into words. And to stand there holding her hand – well, I could cry right now just thinking of it.

There’s about 100 more pictures to see if you’d like. Click here to check them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, Strut was an experience that will never be forgotten. It couldn’t have been done without our partners – The Moms and Big Fuel. What a memorable night!!!

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