This is actually a little sad and I just realized it this morning. I’m in Rhode Island for the week visiting my bestie and we just got home from Starbucks. While I was placing my order, I realized that I never really complete sentences. My brain omits key words from my speech and it’s been something that I’ve done all my life.

At first I said, “Do you have that machine that….”

Then the barista said, “The clover? No. We don’t.”

I moved on and continued to place my order. While I was waiting for my drink order I then said, “Can I have one of those…”

And the barista once again had to guess what I was going to say – “a tray?”

Yes, a tray. It’s like my brain TURNS OFF. It’s not that I’m being lazy about it. I literally can’t find the word – as simple as it might be.

I mean… how could I have forgotten the word TRAY? It’s as common as anything.  Scares me a bit. Three of my grandparents died with Alzheimer’s and I’m not saying I’m there yet… but I have that map in my back pocket so to speak.

Do you suffer from this loss of simple memory?

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