Seriously, there are SO MANY FREE BOOKS available to download. Why did I EVER pay full price for anything!!?

My current FREE read is ‘The Ghost Hunter (The Hunter Series)‘. I took a chance and downloaded it the other night and am actually enjoying the story. I also just recently finished Beautiful Mess which I also loved. I enjoyed it so much that I emailed the author and told her that I ADORED her style of writing. She was very modern and funny and sexy. There were excerpts from her story that I read out loud to Bill because I thought it was such great writing. I hope she does a lot more because I will be following Lucy Morgan from now on… all from a free download.

I will say though… that it is hit or miss with this game. But WHO CARES BECAUSE there is no cost to play. Here is a list of about 20 books that I’ve downloaded over the last few days and that are waiting for my attention. You will notice a theme – I’m sort of into paranormal romances. πŸ˜‰ PLEASE NOTE: I have no idea if these are good reads or not. All I know is that they are free!!! So, don’t hate me if these books stink – the point is to give them a chance. πŸ˜‰

Every day I post about 5 free Kindle Books on Deal Obsessed. Make sure you check back often.

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