Natalie got the Big Top Cupcake mold 2 YEARS AGO for Christmas. That’s how long I’ve had it in this house. She’s been begging me for months to make a Big Cupcake with it. We FINALLY got around to baking it over the weekend.


I wasn’t really prepared for fancy filling – so we just added some extra frosting in the center. There’s a lot of potential here though. Cut up fruit with Cool Whip would be a great choice.


Once it was frosted, that puppy was immediately cut open. And then we pigged out. LOL! The slices are seriously monstrous. My advice to you would be to make your cuts as THIN as possible!! You don’t realize how big it’s going to be until the slice hits the plate.

Do you have any fancy molds for cooking? I know this isn’t “fancy” but it looks a whole lot better than the round pan I typically use. 🙂

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