If you are looking for an arts and crafts project to do with the children surrounding St. Patrick’s Day, I have a few amazing options. Please make sure you click on each link for full instructions. These are NOT my projects. In order to learn how to do any of this, you need to visit the very talented, very crafty owner of the projects. 🙂


St. Patrick’s Day Printable

Having a party? Check out this St. Patrick’s Day table spread. Out of CONTROL!

I Feel Lucky When… St. Patrick’s Day Craft Project

So great! You’re My Pot Of Gold at the end of the Rainbow

St. Patrick’s Day Teach Appreciation gift

Another insanely awesome table spread for St. Patrick’s Day (Free Printables)

Leprechaun Disguise Kit

Green Lucky Charms Cupcakes

St. Patrick’s Day Make Your Own T Shirt Project

Cheers! Great idea for making your drink St. Patrick’s Day appropriate

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