The family went out to dinner last night – local. While we were waiting for our food, Liam started to play with his straw wrapper. Then he said,  “Look Mom! I’m a grown man.”

You know I had to snap a pic. What a moustache!! LOL


Meanwhile, on the other side of the table, my daughter was practicing her zombie face. Yes, I have forever affected my children. They are obsessed with zombies… just like their mama. She was trying to figure out a way to roll her eyes back without using her fingers. I told her it was impossible. That didn’t stop her from trying. I’m sure we were a sight to see.


It all ended with some tri-colored goodness. If you like the cookie, you will love the cake. I wasn’t a fan of this restaurant’s flavors, but it’s something to think about for bakers who want to try it out at home.

When I first got married, I made tri-colored cookies for my husband because they were his favorite cookie. It took FOREVER and every pan in my house. You have to cook three separate sheets of cake because they each have to be colored differently. I told him that he better enjoy that batch because it wasn’t EVER happening again. I was so pissed washing all those pans!!

It’s one of those things that I ALWAYS buy outside of the home. That and calamari. I made that once too and my fingernails had black ink embedded in them for WEEKS. It’s worth every penny to order it at a restaurant.

What are some meals you will NOT make at home?

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